Designer Lee Seung Jin is a top South Korean designer who has led the wedding trend of Korea for 26 years. 

She gained a huge reputation for global collections of prestige weddings that represent Korea and has been recognized as the most preferred label by prestige clients and celebrities. Her signature design is composed of handmade crystal beadwork.

Her brand has received love calls from brides, presses, and buyers around the world after she was invited as the first Asian designer to exhibit her work and put on the runway at the world-renowned collection, ‘Barcelona Bridal Week’.

Designer Lee Seung Jin is head of 4 brands - Lee Seung Jin Wedding, which is the original brand, Lee Seung Jin SPOSA, VODA, and L.JOY. Her brands are available in showrooms of all over the regions of Korea and China and are also present in Asia and Europe.
VODA Lee Seung Jin

LEE SEUNG JIN SPOSA is a premium line of LSJ Wedding Company. Representing the world-class, luxury senses of designer Lee Seung Jin, this brand was initially launched in 2010, when Lee was invited as the first designer from Asia to showcase at Barcelona Bridal Week. 

VODA Lee Seung Jin is a secondary line of LSJ Wedding Company, launched to make the stylish, trendy, and luxury bride style more accessible.

The VODA signature is an ‘all time favorite’ of brides; silk designs made with the finest silk material. Selection of designer Lee Seung Jin's three-dimensional pattern and unique beadwork decoration, which perfects the most fabulous moment of the bride by accentuating the beauty of the bride, are used in every dress of VODA.

L.JOY by Lee Seung Jin is a ceremony wear brand that reflects customer needs in line with the newly changed wedding culture of Korea. Reinterpreting luxurious and feminine concepts into the sensibilities of the contemporary women’s style, L.JOY tailors outfits for varied events and parties.


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